Why are you wasting 2 of your precious minutes with me?

Simple. Because I will encourage you to live until you die. Enjoy the moment, wherever that moment might be.

I travel. A lot. But I will never let this be a mere travelogue, boring you and me with the usual “first I went here and then I went there.”

I will seek out the weird, the unusual, the truly and deeply quirky, along with the sometimes strange and sometimes wonderful people you can meet along the way if you are simply willing to talk to strangers. We’ll go beneath the surface, extrapolate, interpolate, and sometimes just observe.

My job is to have fun, and share that fun with you my reader.

But sometimes, life being what it is, you may find that a story tugs at your soul. But that’s OK, because the joy of life is in its richness, its texture, its complex fabric. And sometimes sadness and poignancy provides the necessary thread to bind together the fabric of life.

With words and images, you are invited to join me on these journeys, whether they are on the road or in some weird neighborhood of my beloved hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Ken Fransen, Person