RIP Johnny Nash (and another stupid health update)

I Can See Clearly Now' Singer Johnny Nash Has Died : NPR

I have proposed, and at least one of my cancer buddies (CB’s) has agreed, that Johnny Nash wrote the perfect song for those of us who got cancer and came out on the other side. “I Can See Clearly Now” has always been one of my very favorite songs, and in light of the latest developments in my health, it seems ever more appropriate now.

Avid readers will recall that a little over a year ago, this travel blog was hijacked by cancer, not once but twice. Then, while recovering from cancer surgery numero dos, they found at least one errant cancer cell in a lymph node that was removed. My body was then subjected to the indignity of radiation therapy from which I am still healing. Thereafter, in the process of confirming by PetScan the absence of any lingering cancer, a tumor was found on my pituitary gland, risking the possibility of having to go through puberty again or maybe reversing it, neither option being appealing. Oh, and the possibility of brain cancer.

Over the weekend, the test results came back and they were all normal. The neurosurgeon is 99% sure that the growth in the pituitary area is non-cancerous. It is not causing problems now, and is not likely to cause any in the future. They’ll probably give me another brain MRI in a year to confirm that it is not growing. Other than that, my earlier PetScan showed no cancer from stem to stern, so for now I’ve got a clean bill. 

It is a sad coincidence that at the same time my outlook has cleared up, Johnny Nash has died. He lived to age 80 and produced many great songs. None were more successful than Clearly, which was released in November of 1972 and spent 4 weeks atop the Billboard Top 100.

Rest in peace, Johnny Nash.

(Song written and performed by Johnny Nash. Video by sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions)

4 thoughts on “RIP Johnny Nash (and another stupid health update)

  1. Hi Ken. We are so happy for your Clean bill of health. Another thing to be thankful for! In this crazy world, it’s nice to count them!! And yes, “I Can See Clearly” is a big fav here too. How are your wine tasting skills coming along ? Stay well, dear friend.
    Your Saskie Friends,
    Jean and Harvey


  2. Ken,So glad to hear the results are good and in this case negative is a good word! You are a true victor who has shone  a lot of courage.Hang in there andTake care my friend.Angel PS: Get on the Rotary Zoom meetings.Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

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