Well, I will be spending our 48th anniversary sleeping on the sofa

It had to happen at some point. Other than me being gone on a trip now and then, we have always shared our marital bed. Until last tonight. And tonight, which is our 48th anniversary. Until I now I have never been sent to the doghouse, or had to sleep on the sofa.

Dang covid!

Carol came down with it two days ago, and tested positive yesterday. She started Paxlovid today. Hers seems to be a mild case; her fever broke after only two days, and she hardly coughs or sneezes, and has no trouble breathing. She is quarantining in our bedroom, and I am waiting on her hand and foot (both of us donning our N95s), hoping that I come down with it too so we can share the load. For now though, I am still testing negative with no symptoms other than loneliness. I have a prescription for Paxlovid too, just in case.

So tonight will be different than our last 47 anniversaries. Carol is reading in the bedroom, and I get to watch Top Gun Maverick. So maybe it’s not so bad.

Happy 48th babe!

8 thoughts on “Well, I will be spending our 48th anniversary sleeping on the sofa

  1. Oh NO! Sorry Ken – but better you spend a few nights on the sofa because of Covid than because you are in the doghouse! So far neither Noella nor I have had Covid, knock on wood.

    Brooke is here to spend a month or so – always fun having her here to share her youthful enthusiasm. Paul


  2. Oh my dear loved ones, hoping the end of Covid will quickly come for Carol and will skip over Ken!! Happy Anniversary, with love from Jim and Shirl ❤️❤️❤️


  3. It was sad to learn of your recent health challenges, especially at this time of year. It sounds like the light at the end of the tunnel is not the locomotive that sometimes houses those lights. Wishing you a full recovery and a very merry Christmas.


  4. Aww, Ken. So sorry for your loneliness on your 48th anniversary! Congratulations, by the way. That’s quite the milestone. Praying for you both, also as you move forward with your next treatments. With love to you both.


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