Dispatches from the Field: Toppenish and Irish Dick

Toppenish is a small town in central Washington. Like many older rural towns, it has a rich history and fading prospects. But it is fighting back by rebranding itself as the Mural Capital of America. There were scads of paintings on old brick buildings all over town, but this one stood out.

Irish Dick and Bear

It depicts…well, I’ll let the town tell you:

Story of Irish Dick

Walking around town, we saw an unlikely culinary opportunity:


Really wanted to check China-Mex out (Refried Noodles? Kung Pao Tacos?), but we wanted to get to our campground before dark. So off to Ellensburg KOA for our first night.

Mechanical report: everything works! Veterans of last year’s dispatches will appreciate what a rare treasure that is to report.

Accident report: no wrecks, no close calls!


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